What is Miami Carnival?

by Kwee Huset 04/18/2021

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Who’s ready for Miami Carnival! This is just another reason why living in South Florida is a major draw. Sunny days, great beaches, huge expanses of water and lots and lots to do! Held October 8-12, 2020 which is also Columbus Day weekend, this event draws thousands of people ready to party Carnival style!

What is Miami Carnival?

Carnival is an event where everyone comes together in beautiful costumes to dance and party “on the road.” There are a number of events surrounding Carnival, including a pageant, Jouvert (paint party), and more. Food from different islands, bands and floats take center stage to show off their culture. Fun for the entire family, it’s a quick snapshot of how things really go down in the tropics.

Now here’s a little history. It’s believed the first “carnival” originated in the late 18th century in Trinidad and Tobago tying into the Fat Tuesday masquerade party. So, think New Orleans Mardi Gras on another level. Although Carnival in South Florida doesn’t have the masks and intrigue, you’ll stare in amazement at the intricate designs of the costumes. It’s total chaos and fun mixed with lots of dancing.

If you want to get in on the fun, you can order a costume and take it “on the road” too! People from all walks of life and ages come to celebrate this occasion every year throwing their cares to the wind. It’s a good idea to wear sneakers because it’s a lot of activity all day and well into the night.

Once you’ve gotten your fill of music, food and dancing, head home or relax in one of the hotels on the beach to enjoy the night skyline. Imagine waking up to a beautiful sunrise overlooking the ocean? That’s a reason for a staycation! When you live in any part of Florida, you won’t have to go too far to find something exciting going on almost every weekend. It’s one of the perks of living in a region where the weather is gorgeous almost year-round.

Culturally sound, the people of Florida always find a reason to have a good time. If you’ve ever wondered why so many festivals and companies choose this state and specific area to host their conferences and retreats, or make their home base here, now you know. It’s truly an experience and built for the fun and excitement of Carnival.

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